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APexclusives is a furniture brand brought to you by                                            


AntiquePurveyor has 20+ years of experience showing furniture and listening to client feedback.  That feedback is the foundation of all our designs. 

Whether you are a DIY homeowner, pro-designer or a retail store, our mission is to deliver what "you" are looking for.


A design should be more than aesthetically pleasing. It should lend itself to functionality, innovative engineering, practicality, and versatility.

AntiquePurveyor has partnered with the world's finest artisans capable of custom metalwork, brass embellishments, and unique finishes in order to bring you a unique line of furniture with unique embelishments


Worldwide, red carpet, full-service, white-glove, we deliver sucess. AntiquePurveyor has unmatched,  flagship shgipping, non nonsense, safe ans secure shipping solutions

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